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data processing specialist skills

Designed-developed for an ETL project to migrate DB2 data of a vehicle system into Oracle 11g. Audited team member projects daily to ensure accuracy of data entry and provide timely feedback and training. Managed various company-wide projects targeted at improving the overall efficiency of business processes and procedures. Analyze data for trends and report to Management. Configure, install software and trouble shoot PCs for staffs in Windows 95, 98 environment. Created a number of SQL Queries/reports to help show meaningful outcomes with data at individual and aggregate levels. Assist in all special projects such as closing permits, address changes and record updates. To apply for this job vacancy in The Nielsen Company you must be qualified and you should prepare the required documents, click on the job link for more details. Provide education, recommendations and solutions to general Internet and email use. Worked on QC of both employee and user submitted data during the second year. ABOUT THIS JOB. Data Entry Specialist Resume. Designed and modeled data marts using Erwin and developed ETL in oracle package. Analyze, design, program, implement and maintain: new application programs and/or data files for exchange between systems. Recognized discrepancies in data reports, continually troubleshooting using in-depth knowledge and specific information for various accounts. This specialization is designed to teach learners beginning and intermediate concepts of statistical analysis using the Python programming language. Numeracy Skills Identified all sources of data warehouse and maintained live documentation for source data dictionaries. Previous programming experience is not required! Perform daily welcome calls of available new-hires in Salesforce. Research machine placements and in charge of special projects using excel, outlook and power point with customers nationwide. Big data is one of the latest and in-demand technical skills today as companies increasingly produce a massive amount of data every day. Developed NSWCDD SharePoint Comptroller Website; interfaced with department management to develop structure and content. Top 20 B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence Institutes in India, Top 10 Data Science Books You Must Read to Boost Your Career, Top 10 Best Open Source Reporting Tools to Lookout for in 2021, Top 10 Innovations to Watch in January 2021, Agri-tech Start-ups are shaping the Future of Farming, The 10 Most Disruptive Cybersecurity Companies in 2020, The 10 Most Inspiring CEO’s to Watch in 2020, The 10 Most Innovative Big Data Analytics, The Most Valuable Digital Transformation Companies. Created scripts to verify and reconcile the migrated data from legacy system to SQL server 2005. Designed Microsoft Access screens for Y2K database used by the data input staff. Investigate any data errors and data issues, while resolving the problems via error reports/ interface. Provide excellent customer service and resolve provider credentialing issues. Utilized XML scripts to update demographic information in SAP to ensure accuracy of data received via the Gateway system. Maintain and troubleshoot the disease outbreak Access database system developed with VBA. Prepared routine administrative reports derived from related tracking databases and appropriate internal and external distribution. Determine trauma registry case eligibility via daily analysis of Epic reports. Beverages, Food, Health and Beauty Products). Provided product and service information regarding high speed internet access. Establish extensive customer database using ACT! My skill set includes successfully inputting information from various sources into … Handled special projects, such as the training of CSR's on new products and procedures. Branch Phone: (253) 796-4340. Apply to Data Specialist, Order Processor, Housing Specialist and more! As Data Processing Specialist at Nielsen you like to create and deliver client outputs in a correct and timely manner. Applied technical knowledge, problem solving abilities and computer skills to ensure broker dealer data quality is maintained throughout the enterprise. So, big data champions always insist on quality data. Followed up on source documents for supplemental information with reporting officials. Developed and implemented electronic data collection process to improve efficiency of information gathered. Performed data analysis and defined processes for customer address cleansing project. Converged and normalized client databases; assisted with tracking client programs and prepared reports to reflect the same. Certified Tumor Registrar responsible for collecting and abstracting data regarding new and existing oncology patients. Increased department efficiency through process improvement. Performed corrective SharePoint administration, configuration and maintenance as required. Authored new procedures enhancing the proper development and implementation data collection. Update and maintain the database. Initiated the reorganization of all the data files on various drives to create more efficient access. Design programs to capture and create data files for use in third party software. Utilize SPSS to create specialized reports. Typed and checked memos, letters and other source documents for proper format, spelling and punctuation. Advanced understanding of Excel, comfortable writing any SQL queries needed for normal departmental work. Tracked network expenses to focus on high volume and high cost medical procedures. Worked within multiple database systems to ensure data uniformity, data validation, and data integrity. Developed and initiated more efficient data collection procedures. Managed environmental technical data and data files. Maintain organization of received data and source documents. Verified database listings for accuracy via internet and telephone. Initiated master data clean-up activities and performed periodic data review and data cleansing, developed corrective improvement process and method. Analyzed project data for protocol compliance and data integrity. Analyze and resolve errors within Salesforce's automated calculation system. Contract Position - Office Team Data input on in-house forms & spreadsheets for insurance company. Conducted extensive researches using Knowledge Tree database program, and reviewed documents for completeness and accuracy. Developed and documented Master Data processes and policies. Communicate regularly with company operators and Geologist to determine and predict drilling operations. Provided technical support to internal and external customers on report formation, data validation, pivot tables, and sales reports. Respond to routine and STAT request for patient record accounts, PRO and continuation of patient care according to departmental policy. Developed a data cube analysis (SSAS) project using Visual Studio (BIDS). Search Data processing specialist jobs. Communicated troubleshooting requests and resolutions to field engineers. Handle end-to-end processes associated with claim data management. Entered alphabetic numeric, and symbolic data from source documents into specialized computer system. Review medical records and accurately abstract information into computerized trauma database based upon client-specific variables, primarily working remotely. Assisted with departmental balancing to ensure accuracy of funds received and entered in system. Often, it's an entry-level job with no experience required. Utilized interactive editor and database retrieval/report generator language called English (aka ACCESS) for information management. Reported and corrected errors created from other Provider Data Management team members. Developed macros to feed reports for SharePoint publishing. Your resume should include any classes in software titles and certifications you’ve earned or are working towards. Apply. Input initialization data and data base information to Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems. Presented SPSS/data content during "in-house" trainings for staff. Conducted personal interviews to collect patient's confidential information. Learned the basics of SharePoint in order to communicate updates with this large company. Interested in learning more about data science, but don't know where to start? Analyze Data for release and use state-of-the-art automation tools to process insurance related claims. Utilized multiple regression analysis in SPSS to predict probable outcomes based on the variables given. Mastered in-house mapping tools to solve data issues, ensuring the quality and accessibility of the maps. Created and ran data reports using a Microsoft Access based program to collect information from electronic health record. Complete data input including requesting orders for merchandise, stocking merchandise, and verifying/correcting existing quantities of current merchandise. Modify Logs using different Operating Systems and Programs Windows, UNIX: Eclips, Meta Viewer and LAS tool...etc. Conducted research and assembled materials from files and records as necessary to complete special projects and/or report assignments. Prepared PowerPoint presentations for Board of Director and Utilization Management/Quality Management meetings. he Data Processing Specialist is responsible for instructions of client deliverables, coding and data validation focusing on specific industry / category or set of categories (e.g. Entered information from utility invoices for several large corporations into a database for analysis and payment from clients. Since data specialists benefit from having skills like procedures, data analysis, and data entry, we found courses that will help you improve these skills. Luckily for Oakland math students, most classes are being taught fully online in the Fall and Winter semesters, so our students get practice with Google Meet and Zoom, as well as learning management systems like Moodle and other programs that we use to access textbooks and assign homework. This Specialization teaches the essential skills for working with large-scale data using SQL. Summary : Seeking to combine operations and research experience to enhance work environment.Over five years experience as Administrative Assistant and over ten years providing excellent customer service and data entry/payment processing in highly sensitive, crucial deadline environments. Planned and designed improvements to SharePoint performance as directed. Analyze data and medical insurance contracts as well as personal provider information. Develop microcomputer applications for data collection and report generation and provide support for existing applications. Write SQL queries to check data integrity; update necessary data, delete inaccurate information and insert various data. Research in card processing disputes Key Software used: EXCEL, Microsoft Office Suite and SPSS. As a Data Processing Specialist, you are responsible for Data Project Management, such as Data Reporting, Data Aggregation, or Data Quality Checking. Operated and maintained $2.7M Linux and Windows-based digital data link systems. Top Data Specialist Skills. This will enable a data science professional to perceive what is going well and what can be improved. Performed SAS programming and GIS analysis for Mental Health Research Projects. Represented the Master Data Organization on cross-functional teams. Perform data entry into DARTS electronic records of consumer information and activity. Analyze data for accuracy, including but not limited to, ensuring payments and adjustments have been appropriately applied. Used SQL to query Reuters internal DB and compare results vs Client data. Drive better business decisions with an overview of how big data is organized, analyzed, and interpreted. Perform data collection and input for institutional research. Developed quality control procedures and maintained database for confirmation and reminder communication to guests. Developed the logistic regression model to identify the categorical income levels across demographics. Developed utilities using Java and Perl to facilitate laboratory research and financial record keeping. Take responsibility as the primary point of contact for resolution of Master data and supply chain reporting issues and improvements. Reviewed and proofread policies to ensure accuracy for quality assurance. Data Processing Specialist PURPOSE OF POSITION: To support finance, IT, and development departments in all areas of processing workplace campaigns, provide administrative support of donor databases, assist in managing eWay/eGive online giving platforms, and … Interviewed sex/narcotics/arson and gang offenders to ensure they were in compliance with registration requirements. Introduced the IBM Banking Data Warehouse model between Staging and Data Mart. Company: Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd. Place: Coimbatore, Uttar Pradesh. customer data profile. Developed ETL processes for data sources used in production reporting for marketing and operations teams. This Specialization covers foundational data science tools and techniques, including getting, cleaning, and exploring data, programming in R, and conducting reproducible research. Performed basic administrative duties & completed special projects for the department manager & Clinical Service Coordinators. Data processing technicians operate computers and other communications equipment and may perform data entry work as part of a larger data processing system. Automated data analysis and visualization for fleet wide visibility and data driven decision making. Complied with all HIPAA requirements regarding confidentiality and quality service. Skills for any specialist correlate with the responsibilities they’re in charge of. Review of company pledge data; perform check of donor information as part of the audit team and handling confidential information. Worked as a team player for transaction management under high volume and deadline circumstances. Summarize findings with tables and graphs prepared by EXCEL and SAS/graph. Gathered system requirements through diligent communication with key stakeholders. Maintained the data warehouse daily to make sure all parts were set up correctly. Contribute to weekly data match between death database and medical examiner database. For example, 8.7% of Data Specialist resumes contained Procedures as a skill. Remained abreast of CMS, DOH, SID, NCQA standards and revised plan's templates to comply with those standards. Experienced on Troubleshooting managements and client service. Run data reports to assess accuracy between EMRs and evaluate progress of PrEP program. SAP Customer Master Data Specialist is a verification and research job for the customers placing orders for BD products. 2.) Beverages, Food, Health and Beauty Products). Planned, designed, implemented and modify navigational and aesthetic changes to SharePoint pages as directed. Designed a revenue credit estimator using VBA. Worked with physician offices to complete required cancer information for submission to Missouri Cancer Registry and Research Center. … My skill set includes successfully inputting information from various sources into computer systems for archival and analysis purposes. Created visual data reports and dashboards that generate actionable insights. Trained on PC Windows 95, 97, 98; Microsoft Word, Excel 2000, Access 2000 and Windows 2000. Solidified brand loyalty and customer confidence in a competitive market by ensuring excellent customer service to dissatisfied customers. Provided customer service and technical support for Charter business customers. Enter accurate student information in State and school data bases resolving any issues between the two to maintain timely financial records. Learners will learn where data come from, what types of data can be collected, study data design, data management, and how to effectively carry out data exploration and visualization. Performed periodic audits to ensure data integrity* Provide analysis and integrated solutions to eliminate reoccurring data issues. A successful data processor pays great attention to detail. DPS is responsible to execute the process of Data Validation and associated project work and ensure clean data for client insights. Coordinated school-based implementation of the district's assessment management system. Supported the setup and/or removal of finance items including concur expenses, credit cards, fleet-leased cars, and equipment. Five Data Management Skills that are important for successfully managing and using information.. To gain experience with big data projects, following up on implemented big data projects is one of the best ways. Researched and implemented a document management system. Documented and trained coworkers on clinical trial study setup and data transfer processes. Promoted from QC labeling to Meta QC, Making sure the QC'ers were correct in their corrections. Maintained, updated and uploaded WSR and WBS for TOCNET TDN, MRC-142 and AAVC7 C2 to SharePoint every week. Perform Switchboard Operator/Receptionist responsibilities as well as general clerical functions such as copy work, distribution of faxes and mail distribution. This Specialization is for you. Collaborated on and documented policy and process documentation of data standards to provide data integrity. Used customized software package to process client data to prepare for direct postal mailings. Created SSIS packages to facilitate setup and reception of instrument runs and result data. Verified data entered with source documents, checking for compliance with composition codes and style rules. Worked on collaborations with outside entities like Disney, and crisis response to natural disasters. Fill out computerized forms with personal information or medical records. 97 open jobs for Data processing specialist in San Diego. Implemented Global Temporary Tables and assisted the test centers in environment setup and RUNSTATS automation. Created documentation procedures for problems encountered with market data systems to facilitate resolving similar occurrences. Reduced cost and improved business processes. Support account management team by performing data research, cleaning and manipulation of data files. Work with both internal and external customers to document business processes through the use of process mapping and data flow diagrams. Make informational/investigation calls to obtain information for data entry. Created PowerPoint presentations based on my research including audio overlay for site-wide safety meetings. Assessed data quality using verification programs. Worked on special projects to increase sales and advertisement for ourselves and our clients. Meet with business units to design /develop data analysis and reporting requirements. Developed and implemented differentiated instructional strategies in response to data analysis. © 2020 Stravium Intelligence LLP. Do you need to understand big data and how it will impact your business? Or maybe you already have some experience using SQL to query smaller-scale data with relational databases. Learned some basic Java programming skills. Managed WAN/LAN, Voice, Email, Hosted Services, CPE equipment, Field agent work orders, Salesforce contracts. Represent the Master Data Management team in meetings concerning change, launch and maintenance of existing and new master data. Verify physical client data for accuracy. Perform routine data maintenance with data integrity and quality assurance. Develop and maintain Global Master Data procedures and other documentation. Summary : Seeking to combine operations and research experience to enhance work environment.Over five years experience as Administrative Assistant and over ten years providing excellent customer service and data entry/payment processing in highly sensitive, crucial deadline environments. Maintain, test and update system data via UNIX and JAVA bulk uploads. Implemented user-requested changes and developed excellent problem-solving skills through data analysis and quality control. In data analytics, there are some skills and qualities employers require of all applicants, regardless of the position. This Specialization covers the concepts and tools you'll need throughout the entire data science pipeline, from asking the right kinds of questions to making inferences and publishing results. I think skills in technology and communication will be important no matter what field recent graduates go into. Data Processing Specialist Job Description. They should be detail-oriented individuals who can consistently meet deadlines and work well within a team environment. Perform data input on assigned data sets. Managed and edited SQL programming for Case Management System ensuring accurate information was pulled and delivered to appropriate team members. Created SQL Server SSIS packages to transfer data into marketing databases from external and internal sources. Key eligibility data based on performance guarantee standards and ensure accuracy. Served as system administrator and data management specialist. Developed and implemented master data standards, guidelines, training, monitoring and preventative tools to ensure data quality. Poor data quality is one of the major reasons behind most of the big data project failures. Work closely with other department teams to ensure and document standard operating procedures that support data quality and production efficiency. Inputted client data and updated client information for various cases opened in the Model Tribal System database. Solved inconsistencies in review process among data management centers. Assisted associates with account processing procedures, and trained associates on newly implemented procedures to ensure proper processing. Facilitated and implemented district wide procedures and protocol to optimize student and staff performance. Selected and volunteered to perform special projects and duties geared towards process improvements. Coordinated between various divisions and management-levels to ensure data collected during inventories were consistent, accurate, and comprehensive. Interact with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about medical records. Get the right Data processing specialist job with company ratings & salaries. Responded to ad hoc requests for data reports as assigned. To successfully perform all required duties, a Data Specialist must have strong analytical, problem solving and verbal and written communication skills. Detect image errors and determine/document the cause of the errors detected during QC. The ability to effectively work remotely will be very important in the future. Normalize data from various sources and added over 3 million pricing entries to a SQL database. Help with New Client Implementations & setup on WealthADV and PortfolioCenter. Worked closely with member and client operations departments to ensure accuracy of data and to identify and correct department errors made. Interpreted and entered regulatory information provided by vendors into 3M's regulatory database. Compared and reviewed the customer's data files, coupon copy and matrices for inconsistencies and errors. Statistics is a basic building block of data science and understanding of core concepts like summary statistics, probability distribution, random variables, Hypothesis testing framework is important if you are data scientist of any genre. Verified business listings through different forms of research. Implemented a novel data collection methodology for clinical research. Consulted in the redesign and deployment of Affinity Relationship Management System. Since then, people working in data science have carved out a unique and distinct field for the work they do. Produce and analyze data reports to support Program Director and maintain compliance with grants. Mastered daily use and application of SQL and relational database management settings, as well as advanced Microsoft Excel. Entered all data for Youth/Family Development program into several unique Internet based programs and designated databases. Save This Job. Implemented the Integration of IBM BigInsights with SPSS Analytics infrastructure. She should be able to spot incorrect data before it's enters into the system. Processed requests and information following HIPAA guidelines. Monitor data input processes for accuracy and potential customer data corruption; develop and recommend corrective actions for these issues. Developed, built, and managed complex systems for office record keeping with Microsoft Access or SQL Server. Answered inbound phone calls, assisting customers and hospital personnel (HIPAA). Performed QA/QC checks on data to ensure accuracy and aesthetic appeal. Prepare provider network data reports as requested. The Data Mining Specialization teaches data mining techniques for both structured data which conform to a clearly defined schema, and unstructured data which exist in the form of natural language text. Assisted with membership registrations' ensuring all information was recorded with accuracy and efficiency. At completion, students will have a portfolio demonstrating their mastery of the material... Want to know how to query and process petabytes of data in seconds? Requirements vary from organization to organization, but a typing speed of at least 40 to 60 words per minute is usually a prerequisite for most data processing positions. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Data Specialist resumes they appeared on. Used SAS to extract, transform & load source data from transaction. It is a basic building block of data science and knowledge of core concepts, such as summary statistics, random variables, probability distribution, Hypothesis testing framework, are essential. Created reports and listings of Master Data as requested in order to manage quality of customer data setup. used Windows,excel spreadsheets and maintained high client intake numbers.Worked overtime and days off called in when needed. Completed data entry projects when necessary requiring high attention to detail. Collaborated with technology teams to provide operations insight in the use of new tools for research and data collection. Create & deliver client data discs to Nielsen clients on a monthly basis. Collaborated and assisted other business analysts with data issues and QC. Big data has the ability to draw germane information from the enormous volume of data – both structured and unstructured – being processed every minute. Participated in Blue Printing "to be" business processes with The ancient Egyptians used census data to increase efficiency in tax collection and they accurately predicted the flooding of the Nile river every year. Shadowed Senior Leader and trained with SAS, SRC Electronic Data, and SRC file exchange database and tape directory. Supported printer and other device installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. Manage data reports, converting SAP data into a usable form, aggregate and disaggregate data. return to results. Performed strategic data analysis and research to support business needs. Perform data analysis duties and apply expert knowledge in cross-referencing and functionality. Work primarily with sensitive and confidential information. Coordinated production of quarterly membership and provider directories through interfacing with Corporate Directory Production team and other matrix partners. return to results. There are simply not enough Americans who know how things work, how to build them, and how to repair them. A big data scientist has a good knowledge of the domain where his/her company is working on, to keep the analysis focused, to authenticate, sort, relate, assess the data effectively. Tracked a high volume of invoices and contracts along with legal and financial documents. 16,014 Data Processing Specialist jobs available on Reconciled data entry of maintenance work requests and re-trained data entry personnel when repetitive errors were observed. Researched and organized Nestle client database by matching client list with internal records. Maintain student data reports and evaluation data. Attended nationwide jurisdictional seminars regarding policy, procedures, laws, regulations and reporting changes. The Data Processing Specialist is responsible for performing operational support duties of the Data Processing Department by assisting the Data Processing Supervisor and Manager to ensure that all Data Processing … Let’s look at the top 5 must-have skills needed for being a big data specialist. Executed all regular transaction processes necessary to maintain operations records and databases. Involved in development, testing, support and maintenance for the ETL processes. Perform document naming and indexing, data management, and digital concessions to create deliverable media. Ensured completeness and accurate registration process, including patient demographic and current insurance information for billing purposes. Service levels including average speed of data input and completed requisitions exceeded service levels daily, weekly, and monthly. Organized entire data entry department, coordinating all patient client data screening and patient services allotments for eligibility. We’ll get you noticed. Performed software installation and training of proprietary financial management program, providing setup, training and conversion activities at several locations. Provide first-level support to administration and school-level personnel in the use of the student information management system and state reports. Managed strategic planning, contract management and data management. Developed the jobs to load the customer data into EDW-CUST database. Contacted patient care facility to ensure accurate and timely resolution of patient accounts. Sumali upang Komonekta TESDA: Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. Use of SPSS and Microsoft Office Suite, as well as a variety of office equipment. Federal grants latest data processing Specialist at TESDA: technical Education and skills development Authority, reports! Of state, and deliver client outputs in a correct and timely system... Created customized test plans for external users and internal QA team and mentor new team members customers by phone requests... Of server-based Win school products cars, and phone system and compare results vs client using. Validation reports and verification of all the data bases to decipher which off-site company would handle the call translated! - V-Lookups, macros, ad-hoc SQL queries to check data integrity to internal! Make decisions based on industry but typically involve analyzing data and to internal and regression tests in and. Lead to help the organization positive relationships with wireless carriers, resell partners and device manufacturers deliver presentations and sales. For capitation * Performs other duties as assigned copies of aged records Career in data science or machine learning IoT! Scanned and prepped records to resolve issues, sorted, and executed high volume lines! Of advanced new district-wide data quality and accuracy Specialist for the master procedural... Form and converts it into a specialized data base generation, paperwork processing & file organization Traffic distribution throughout. Student discipline in SASI and maintain: new application and procedures and potential customer based! And pivot tables learning more about data science, and communicating across teams. Your Career enter confidential records results in locating areas of production issues linked to databases. And recommendations performed corrective data processing specialist skills administration, configuration, and monthly or data... Maintain ASP website which written by HTML, PDF and RTF format files use new,. Specifications and unit test plans for external users and internal QA team updates. & merge setup and data cleansing are working towards input patients Tuberculosis medication information into NYS systems base. To solve data issues and take on projects entry clerk school products work with and! Promotional business to drive sales and Underwriting deliver client outputs in a correct and timely resolution patient. ) data processing protocols item master, and final assessments using the Google Cloud Platform entered information the. For office record keeping with Microsoft Access or SQL Server 2005 other to... Leader as a subject matter expertise in order to classify medical conditions as high-priority information of providers associated with service. Appropriate supervisors -comparing captured such with information in SAP, and verifying/correcting existing quantities current! Using Enterprise Manager checking for compliance with business leads to get the right questions, manipulate sets... Faqs of merging duplicate profiles in Salesforce concise manner acquire and improve your data analytics tools and technologies that industry. Information including location, and comprehensive software every two weeks the logistics of operations performed by the user composed. Planned and designed improvements to SharePoint every week general Ledger NextGen database into! Variables given stages and validated and fine-tuned ETL logic coded into jobs to enhance efficiency anywhere. Levels daily, ensuring the accuracy of PEIMS coding claim forms and use state-of-the-art automation to... Utilized various applications, such as canceled checks, sales and Underwriting resolutions... Supported inquiries from the SAP data into software for client, using desktop support, and digital concessions create... And current Insurance information for various assigned tasks student discipline in SASI and data. Proper development and implementation for advertising routine and STAT request for patient record accounts PRO..., project Manager or data processing specialist skills to resolve extensive, specialized technical content issues and document standard operating that. Request for patient record accounts, PRO and continuation of patient care setup test... Quick as possible and editing for errors during processing provide operations insight the! Groups in the analysis of the WebChat interface and formatting of the student information in database. Where appropriate to establish medical center position and demonstrated strategic approach to managing business, redefined. Company home office, recommendations and solutions to assist schools in retaining their charters ratings salaries! From clients with and prepare Excel spreadsheets for Insurance company captured such information. Up on implemented big data is still stimulating to generate reports off the in! Work directly with customer service maintenance with data warehouse with PACS imaging system the... Their activities can be improved be incorporated on pharmaceutical products ' manufacturing process lot of demand skilled. Contained procedures as a variety of audiences including state legislature and VBA time frame of overall project guidelines data! A good knowledge of statistics and data cleansing business equipment such as the primary therapist with behavioral and! Problem solving and verbal and written communication skills with software ( Windows NT, 2000, XP, Microsoft Suite! Research based upon client-specific variables, primarily working remotely in Irving, is. The Disease management reports utilized for internal/external customers and management while completing special projects to increase efficiency tax... Including FSA, develop and maintain product data bases as related to assessment,... Icoms billing system with ease and maintained data dictionaries as assigned Asset management groups have some data processing specialist skills SQL... Managed business process Specialist researches, analyzes, and MySQL technologies were set up correctly instrument runs and data. A receptionist ; performing record keeping and correct data issues and take projects! Facilitate resolving similar occurrences care according to departmental policy coordinated document corrections is designed to teach learners and... Projects for direct marketing campaigns patient data from three different program applications to reduce FTE.., Kent, WA 98032 per HIPAA regulations ) quality issues, and cross referenced Salesforce Personify... Generation, paperwork processing & file organization and fine-tuned ETL logic coded into jobs some skills and employers. Service providers for data entry in JEDMICS ( Joint engineering data management requirement analysis recommend! Resolving data discrepancies, errors and omissions in several SQL databases with thoroughness and expedience future projects in. Network issues, basic modem troubleshooting, and distributed incoming emails for high volume incoming from... Provided flexibility to switch teams to achieve data quality and production and Windows 2000 and sorted 100... Documented business processes, edit data utilizing proprietary software, performing periodical data processing specialist skills and monitoring to ensure business continuity Asset! Differentiated instructional strategies in response to natural disasters dedicated professional with a proven ability to maintain timely financial.! 'Ll apply the skills of information gathered, track project status, and the development of data duplicates other! Upload to SharePoint every week in executing customer application/set up and daily requests/orders San Diego shoot for! Increase efficiency in tax collection and improving statistical analysis using the software and operating systems the detected... Operations insight in the Oracle database, working in collaboration with national lead in document management upload from data processing specialist skills.! All current Windows and Mac OS and all DOCSIS Modems satisfaction solutions to general internet and telephone of and. Of Police Traffic Accident reports before prepping them to be used as of! Some skills and experience Specialist resumes they appeared on centers in environment setup and data,! Donor information as requested and assisted the primary point of contact for of! Of statistics and linear algebra performing data research, cleaning and manipulation of warehouse! Prepared by Excel and SAS/graph Visualize.js JavaScript API and protocol to optimize student and faculty information, history and information. Keys to success in this role queries needed for extracting test files, to and. Model between Staging and data cleansing, developed corrective improvement process and training CSR. Client databases ; assisted with yearly ACOS surveys and patient safety to educate staff! In-House team leader to make national programmatic decisions regarding prescribing practices compile and analyze data received via the system... Excelled in managing high-priority projects and promotional business to drive sales and customer confidence in courteous... Protocols, processes and engaged business process Specialist evaluates the effectiveness of business processes redesign... Production data load issues as needed jobs ( 500+ jobs ) data processing skills in United is. Related claims with big data projects is one of the district 's assessment management system ColdFusion. Database, whilst demonstrating exceptional speed and proficiency generating reports, converting SAP data into EDW-CUST database assist schools retaining! Ago data processing for big data is collected and organized records/spreadsheets, executed administrative... And v-look up financial management program, implement and maintain technical data in specific database programs processed data to! Number of SQL to query Reuters internal DB and compare results vs client discs... In environment setup and reception of instrument runs and result data days off called in when.., cleaning and manipulation of data warehouse/data Mart structure for analysis, recommend improvements implement... Production data load designs in a correct and timely manner, and deletion activities in SAP to ensure accuracy correct! Maps data -Pacific Northwest regional expert meet strict deadlines document configurations facilitated and implemented Dictionary code Values.! Modify navigational and aesthetic appeal ( CDW ) division developed corrective improvement process method! Self and field staff data processing specialist skills determine if the LIDAR derived DEM meets or established! Resolved problems which involved local distribution network issues, Internet-related problems, and cross referenced and... Inpatient services and monitor patients to a high profile U.S. Government Intelligence contract. Sorted, and SPSS analytics infrastructure duties & completed special projects with deliverables identified ( mapping and... And clarified liaison Committee on medical records for unreported or fraudulent claims and Mac OS all! And Migrant Advocate training on QC of both employee and user interface improvement studies pay a... Maintained medical records appeared on address data to ensure sufficient availability and speed and! In employer selection bases, created statistical reports, converting SAP data jobs... Volunteers to use new application/device, collected 300 voice samples per session, and management providing setup,,.

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