Costs of cosmetic plastic surgery—What You Need to Know
An experienced plastic surgeon’s viewpoint by
Dwight V. Galloway M.D.

Quick Chart of prices: as of 11-14-14
Eyelids – $3500
Breast Implants – $5500 Silicone – $4700 Saline
Tummy Tuck – $5500
Rhinoplasty – $3500
Liposuction – $3500  (For 3 Segments – abdomen, muffin top, hips)

*These prices are “cash prices” and as close as can be quoted without an actual consultation.
Please read:

Our charges, and subsequently the cost to you, of cosmetic surgery are not, and should not be a secret. Of course the final costs cannot be determined until you have been examined and your history and health have been known to the surgeon, but before you
consider moving ahead you need to know the approximate costs and the basis on which they are determined. There are 3 main things to consider: (1) the charges the surgeon makes for his services and care (which includes his overhead, including office, nursing
staff, insurance, etc.) and (2) the charges from the hospital and anesthesia (including breast implants and pathologist charges, if applicable) and (3) the possible costs of complications and other unforeseen problems. Insurance does not cover any costs or
problems associated with cosmetic surgery so you need to know what you are responsible for. At Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Michigan we try to keep our costs and charges as low as possible to allow more patients to use our services. We have lots of “capacity”, meaning we can do many operations and are not limited except by your demand.
Our charges for the surgeons are $2000 for the first procedure (regardless if it is an abdominoplasty or eyelids) and $1000 for each additional procedure. This charge covers our fees for care of complications or unforeseen problems as well, but does not include costs of further hospital or materials. We are definitely motivated to operate safely and efficiently, for economical as well as medical reasons. The hospital charges have
been carefully negotiated and are “rock bottom” for these “pay in advance, 100% collection” procedures. The initial hour of surgery costs $975 and anesthesia charges $430, for a total of about $1405. All the hospitals and surgicenters require anesthesia service. Each additional half hour is a quarter of that, or $350. Breast implants cost us $800 each (or a total of $1600 in the usual case) for silicone and $400 each for saline
filled implants. The pathologist charges approximately $500 to examine removed breast tissue for cancer etc. The costs of complications and unforeseen problems can be
covered by a special insurance policy (cost about $250) but in my evaluation and knowing how rare these problems are and how efficiently they can be handled, this is not worth the money. To qualify for these rock bottom prices you must meet certain qualification, that are: (1) good basic health, (2) weigh no more than 20 pounds over your desired weight, (3) not smoking, (4) be able to use computers, smart phones, digital cameras and
the internet (or at least have access to someone one who can) and (5) all charges paid 2 weeks in advance of the surgery day. We will do our best and have had superb training in Plastic surgery and many years of experience in both reconstructive and cosmetic
plastic surgery. Before you make an appointment for an examination you should have checked on us and decided on much of what is covered in the usual first visit to a plastic surgeon and all you need to do is check us out to be sure you are happy with us and get the exact cost. As well trained and experienced surgeons all of these operations are routine to us and can be done on a comfortable and uncomplicated basis on healthy people with the safety and convenience of board certified anesthesiologists. If there are
complicating problems, either before or after surgery, costs will be greater but still reasonable and you can determine that on your first visit. We do not charge for office visits unless there is some other service (such as Botox) provided. You may have to get an examination by your regular doctor if there are potential problems but the physical examination by us and our staff, as well as the anesthesia department, are part of the covered services.

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